marți, 3 februarie 2015

EASTERN RUINS | editorial || iMute Magazine

What a wonderful surprise ! 
So we've got this wonderful team: this crazy-never-tired photographer, this cute make-up artist with a Russian face and two very, but very prepared models, Anita and Adriana. We've got a thug attitude and high-quality menswear. And last but not least, we've got this twisted lady that people think she's a stylist, that would be myself. [blink blink blink]
Thank you iMute Magazine for the feature ! We are great fans ! :)

miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015

Catherine II Crown

Mereu tin urechile ciulite cand fac cunostiinta cu cineva, lately.. Caci se pare ca acestea ma inspira intr-un fel sau altul. Majoritatea pieselor pe care le-am creat poarta un nume, iar cele ce nu au unul, este pentru ca nu le-a fost sortit botezul..
Sub ast' pretext m-am trezit google-ind pretty much la intamplare, la intamplare am dat si peste ea, mandra. Mi-am dat seama ca ea este si ca ei i se aseamana. I-am recitit paradigma de viata si ma gandeam.. ce putere au unele femei, ce atitudine si cat dichis. Catherinian Era s-a numit perioada de aur a rusilor sub poalele Catherinei a IIa. Un pui de smeu :).
Coroana Catherine II este singura de acest fel si nu voi mai reproduce modelul, tocmai pentru ca unele lucruri trebuie sa ramana intr-un fel, de fapt, intr-un singur fel.
Pretul il puteti afla la cerere.

Celine Sarr Photographer
Model: Victoria
Tania Cozma MUA
KateriniMou - Catherine II Crown
Otilia Brailoiu Dress
Styling: Ecaterina Colasiz
Location: Zenya Atelier

marți, 20 ianuarie 2015


Believe it or not, each and every one of us has an identity on different layers. This identity of ours will link us to periods of time, will set our feet on the present ground, will propel deep down hidden fantasies and deep sleep fairy dreams. 
We carry a silent nostalgia when we step into an antique store, when we pump into a really old photo, when we open a bottle of old wine, when we smell an old book. Don't you just love the smell of an old book? 
I hope the #retrocrown will feed your retro appetite and will take you right there where you want to be - in a silent nostalgic place.

Alexandru Damian Photographer - Analog 35mm & Digital
Tania Cozma MUA
Concept-a-Trois dress
Location: ZENYA Atelier