sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2013

My Phoenix in Eden

I've always been mesmerized by it.. and it holds the name of my first project: the Phoenix.
Keeping that in mind, I have been inspired by Kanye West's Runaway video..and I have created this costume piece. It is made fully of feathers - cock, swan and pheasant.
I looked for someone to enable the motion for the costume and I've been blessed to find the most beautiful and talented dancer I have ever met, Cezara Blioju.
I looked for someone to adapt Cezara's beautiful features to Selena's. And I was pleased to find help from Alexandra Craescu.
I looked for someone with vision and I found Nicu Straton. He put the setting together and gave rise to an inspirational video that will excite your mind, body and spirit.
I looked for someone to capture our work in an inspirational matter and I found Alexandru Caranfil, the talented photographer.
You can find them on Facebook. :)

Click here to see the vimeo link
I hope you guys will enjoy the frameworks that follow :)

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