joi, 25 septembrie 2014


Remember that quote that went viral on Facebook: "Always wear your invisible crown" ?!
Ladies, there's no need for you to wear an INVISIBLE crown.. when you can always GET a crown and wear it even when you're at home, in your pj's, brushing your teeth or having breakfast.
Don't wear an invisible crown.. get a real one on your head and wear it as you should. FABULOUSLY. You deserve it !

Happy to introduce you an absolutely amazing product lunch, Nikon D750!
Happy to be involved in this project, thanks to this guy

This talented human being that I have been admiring for so long :) asked me a few days ago for an accessory to match a magnificent Otilia Brailoiu gown.. and this is what came out, a CROWN situation.
Congratulations Marian Sterea for your work and spirit !
Congratulations Nikon for making such amazing products (I'm thankful for my Nikon D3100 every day of my life. It's a blessing!) and such amazing choices.


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