joi, 28 februarie 2013

The Subjectivity of the Costume

For the moment,
I find myself in Paris. An outsider, but also an art devourer as myself shall not superficially pass  through the days given without gathering some goodies. However, I made a list of what I could do to enjoy myself in this unique, vivid place in which I included my decision to taste the experience of Fashion Week, as much as I was able to. Dropping the "my", the overall impression would be that it s an unique state. It is known that the Paris Fashion Week is the best in comparison to the ones from the other capitals of fashion. People from all over the world get together to take part in it. 
In my point of view, it is not only about the shows itselves, but also about the entire industry which actually supplies it. So there you go; designers, models, photographers, official press, bloggers, fashion lovers and sustainers get together to watch the thing happen. It s amazing to see such passionate people, such interesting figures in such a wonderful place. It fills your spirit with positivism witnessing an entire crowd gathered by passion. What I liked the most is the frank, but most of all the straight message of wonder and admiration in each individual's eye. Leaving the tendencies behind, each person filters and gives credit to what appeals to him/her. 
However, what I love about fashion nowadays is that it only has one side, a Subjective one. That is how I could identify the most inspiring outfits and these were the outfits that conveyed, the ones that had a personal touch. Anything could do, an accessory, a symbol, a print, a pattern will always speak out for the wearer, and they were all exposed, right there! Thus today I saw originality and taste in its calculated form and I loved it. Even if it designates the affinity of one's towards a period in time, a sign of belonging to a place, the ability of being elegant, decent, tasteful or the lack of it, an image of what one is or he wants to be , any, but any of all of these denote the Subjectivity of the costume in our present days and we should all be thankful for that; the possibility to choose what we want to reveal the world about ourselves, in this case, literally the world. 
In Romania we have a quote and it goes like this: "It s not the clothing that makes the man who he is"; 
Of course not.. but it sure gives us a clue.
I added some pictures from this first day. Looking forward to get and take some more,
Yours truly, 

 I was wearing a Sweet as Paprika dress by Gabriela Atanasov and so was my friend; a Katerini Mou necklace of course (due to the atmospheric conditions I mostly kept my coat on, sorry bout that), Musette shoes, vintage coat and earrings.

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