miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Europa de Est

What keeps me in touch with my regions are the small things, things like a raw piece of wood, like a wooden environment which is barely touched by a craftsman's hand, like a touch of wool, an original fabric or a statement print. Bit of savage woven with culture, seized by history. Romania is a conglomerate, just like the word says it, a rock consisting in a combination of piebald elements, a world where to generalize is hypocrisy or ignorance, due to its different patterns, patterns which engender curiosity among foreign horizons. What I m convinced about though is that the value of an entity lies in its roots, never on the surface, so we should dig in our senses for values and expose them as details or better, as idiosyncrasies.
Yours truly,

I was wearing a vintage Hermès scarf, woolen coat, Mango bag, H&M leather pants, Michael Kors watch and a "bloody" good spirit

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  1. great styling! love your pants :)

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