joi, 5 septembrie 2013

My comfy way

Every season has its own charm and I love it when I have to change my wardrobe. It challenges me. However, this morning I got my nose out the window and felt the fresh cool breeze of September. Sometimes you just want to pull something simple, chic and comfortable out of the closet, and often, that is when you realise that lack of "inspiration", ANNOYING thing which lays in the way. I wanted to feel comfy and warm in case the mild wind blows a bit. Also I could've taken off the shirt and put up my hair in a chic loop if needed. I have chosen a splash of color, red, as it is one of my favorite colors and keeps the summer spirit right there, next to my tan. :)

I was wearing Zara pants and top, a men shirt which I bought from a SH store and a pair of shoes bought from a boutique from NY, they are labeled Jacobes. I am abs in love with them and tend to use them in quite a lot of outfits.

Hope you like it and that you will get inspired somehow.



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