luni, 9 septembrie 2013

Get your beautiful selves out there !

Fascinated about nature lately. About colors and how the nature puts them together. The best inspiration you can get is clearly the one nature provides. This time of the year harmonizes the patterns and establishes that coolness and freshness we were all longing for after a restless hot summer.
And then I found this fascinating place next to a cornfield. I felt like a powerful, airy dress would match perfectly. Here's the result.

Get out there ! 

Look for places that elevate your mind and spirit, that comfort your beautiful selves !


2 comentarii:

  1. look stunningly beautiful! Love the photos and your poses! I'm a nature lover in every way. I love the serenity of the landscape, cool breezes, icy lakes, sunny beaches... Seen it all and love every bit of it ;)
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    Hope you have a wonderful week, full of things that makes your heart happy<3


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    1. Maria you are such a darling :) thank you so much for these words.. and keep postiiing :)