duminică, 8 septembrie 2013


Today I've changed the camp. For those who don't know, the Danube delta is the best preserved delta in Europe and it's FULL OF LIFE. Mostly, WILDLIFE. When we left I didn't quite realize what it is to see, even though I have been here for several times. We've been drifting through large and thick channels to reach a marvelous place, as a forest bordered only by water. I've only selected a few pictures of the hundreds I took and I hope they will speak for themselves..

As I was checking out every flower, every leaf, every bone from my way, suddenly I saw a beautiful, most incredible white horse.. I felt as in a movie! Somewhere behind him, behind fallen trees and rays, some more were showing. Since they were pretty far away I tried getting closer in order not to bother them or scare them away.

My foolish excited mind was full of eagerness, and when I asked that I want to see some more I've been told:

"these things don't happen all the time..wild horses and wild birds are not to be seen everywhere.. not even here.. It's her that comes to you; you can't have it whenever you want.

You can't catch wildlife just like that. That's why it's called wild."

I was wearing a Dorothy Perkins cotton shirt, some camouflage pants and Zara shoes.. but in this case it doesn't quite matter.

Good day,

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