marți, 10 septembrie 2013


While surfing the Internet I came through something I needed to write about. It holds the name Scarecrow Boutique.
The reason why I chose to do so is the concept it masters. A mother and a daughter share the same passion for beauty and loveliness.. What attracted me the most is the vintage inspired style and what they do is to seek for unique, interesting and inspiring pieces to add to their anthology. From what I've seen the boutique looks so cosy and comfortable that it won't let you leave too soon..
They have items for both men and women, kids as well, from clothing to accessories, shoes and head-pieces.. it seems almost impossible to leave without a piece that matches your beautiful self.
The concept they promote also helps young designers develop and exhibit their work which I find lovely and most of all handy for an 'explorer' as myself..
I added some pictures (which obviously resemble the pages of a vintage magazine) for you to make up an idea on what's going on there..

Scarecrow seems to be the shop you'd run to when you're having this event you want to show something about yourself, or when you need to get a special gift for mom or when you just want to feel good about yourself and find something that suits your mind and spirit.
Lucky English people and curious visitors can have a look on 55 PARK ROAD, CROUCH END, LONDON, N8 8SY. 

You can also find and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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