miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013

NYFW - DAY 4 & 5

As I previously did, I am going to start my short review with my favorite collection, which is Diane von Frustenberg's. I have always admired her, for many years and she never disappointed my expectations, nor did she now. 
As a first face, BOOM! Naomi Campbell, in a stunning dress, making her way through the flashes as a feline. Then shot by shot the audience experienced an amazing collection of pieces inspired by African elements, chromatic and culture. The all-white outfits couldn't miss (my favorite version for the warm or hot summer season), neither did the powerful colors, or the animal prints. In other words, von Frunstenberg has it all: dresses, shirts, pants, jumpsuits, baby doll dresses, all summed up in a feminine, fresh and glamorous collection.

My second favorite has been the DKNY, which was screaming NEW YORK !! The collection featured an entry scene by Rita Ora, which was pretty representative. 
Thus the must of the season shall clearly be the sneakers. Ladies, if you ain't got none, go get some! Sneakers mixed up with pretty dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, caps, whatever. They are fab and comfortable, suitable enough for a newyorker's lifestyle, but for a busy lady of Europe as well. 
What I've been seeing lately in the collections is that matching between the shirt and the jacket, sometimes even with the pants; same color. It's a clear, fresh look and if you have something matching like that in your closet grab it out, 'cus it's ON ! 
Miss Karen got it all dapper !

Last but not least is Y-3, by Yohji Yamamoto. This incredible man, this innovator appears to have unlimited resources as inspiration. I couldn't find more pictures from the event, yet, but I attached the video so you'll see for yourself ! 

Hope I got your beautiful selves curious enough so you'll dig for some more pieces !


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