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DAY 3 - 7th September

It seems like NYFW is getting more and more interesting ! While looking through the collections of the 3rd day, it's been even harder to choose only a few of them and only a few looks as being the favorites. Thus for the 7th of September I have chosen 3 collections and I will start with the one with which I've been absolutely fascinated !

Hervé Léger

What a show ! We were already used with the bandage dress that has been promoted so far, but for the Spring '14, the designer's inspiration deepened considerably. From zippers, peplums, ruffles, leather and spectacular digital prints to the sexiness of the shape, the beholders attended an anthology of beauty.

My second favorite would be Mara Hoffman's collection.

What I liked mostly within the designer's collection is the originality uncovered. It's been hard to select only a few and it's a must see if you want to delight yourself with beautiful pieces. Hoffman is known from pulling her inspiration from nature, fantasy and most of all, from culture, which we can figure out from the colors and the ethnic prints defining the silhouettes. The main feeling as feedback, I would say.. it was curiosity and eagerness, eagerness to see more and more, to analyse its elements closer and closer. Fascinating indeed !


The collection presented for Spring '14 has been a genuine enjoyment. It's been fresh and airy, comfort being the main feature; it's been classy, keeping the silhouettes mysterious by the transparency of the materials. A certain amount of confidence would speak from the clothes themselves.. wearable and comfortable pieces!

Hope I got your beautiful selves curious !

Good day,

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